The Robert Gordon (born abt 1784-1854) of the Seton-Gordon branch of Scotland in America - DNA and conventional research







Richard A. Gordon

First son of Jack S. GORDON and Marjorie NYE. Richard was born in Portland Oregon and grew up in Billings Montana - Big Sky Country. Married on November 1, 1969 in Corvallis, Oregon to Toshie NAKAMURA of Iwakuni, Japan. Toshie NAKAMURA was born January 1, 1944 to Goichi NAKAMURA and Setsuko MORIFUJI in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. For more information regarding the Nakamura family, see

He recently made a big contribution to the Gordon legacy by proving genetic ties to the Vikings - the ironic result of learning he has a rare affliction called "Dupuytren's Contracture," which causes your fingers to pull inwards towards your palm - and found in almost exclusively in the descendants of Vikings.

   T. A.          GORDON
   Kana Leigh GORDON